Marcel van Doornen These projects are based on Laravel. If you need any help with your project please feel free to contact me.


With this app you can see and create your own timetable for (dance) events. The timetable automatically refreshes if there is a new performer. In the future there will be push notification functionality and an option to download the timetable in advance if there is a bad internet connection.
Tags: Vue JS, PWA


For CoolSafety I've created a PIM (Product Information Management system). In this system you can create products (multilingual) and import them to multiple webshops with just one click. You can create the products manually or import them from a dropship supplier.
Tags: Vue, Jquery, Multilingual

Personal movie tracker

With this app I track movies. Movies I want to see and I have already seen. Through this appI also know where I can find a movie (Netflix, Nas, or another on-demand service) I only have to search for a movie and with just one click I can import all the movie data (poster, cast, description, etc.).
Tags: Bootstrap, Jquery

This website is (of course) also created with Laravel. I used my ow custom Laravel installation with some pre-installed libraries (crud-starter, intervention, etc.) and settings. This porfolio is created with Vue js and Jquery for the lightbox.
Tags: Vue jS, Bootstrap, Jquery, FancyBox, Vue-carousel

In our city we need to pay to deposit our waste. I created this (public) app to log the trash bags that you take away and have an overview of the (total) costs of depositing the waste.
Tags: Vue JS, Bulma

Price alert

Simple but time saving app. This app checks every day if there are products in sale and if this is the case you will get a push notification.
Tags: pwa, laravel, boostrap, push notifications, scraper

Laravel CRUD starter

Creates Laravel crud starter templates (controller, model, migration and view files) with just the title. Also add a resource entry in routes/web.php for the crud. All with one cli command.
Tags: crud, packagist, github